Market Rasen Hotels

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We are always looking for the best selection of hotels for you to choose from for your stay in the small market town of Market Rasen in West Lindsey within Lincolnshire. We know how important it is to find a place where you can sleep peacefully and get a great kick start to the day with a handsome breakfast and we aim to please with our great selection of Market Rasen hotels.

The small market town of Market Rasen resides on the out skirts of the Lincolnshire Wolds. The Wolds are a beautiful range of hills in the English county of Lincolnshire and are a designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty since 1973, and they are wonderfully managed by the Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service. The land is also the highest area of land in eastern England which lies between Yorkshire and Kent, running parallel to the North Sea coat, all the way from the Humber which lies in the North West to Spilsby, a small town in the South East.

The Wolds provide a beautiful walk for anyone staying in Market Rasen Hotels and the fresh air is not to be missed. The Wolds have a wonderfully fascinating history, and strong Viking influences are still evident in many of the place names around to this day. History has found that there is an abundance of lost medieval village settlements around the area due to the vast changes in land use, including soil exhaustion and disease at the time.

The town itself however is very recognisable through its homogenous 19th century red brick style of the mainly Georgian and Victorian architecture. The buildings are centred around a still active market place today that is still dominated by the medieval church which was restored in the 19th century. The Market Place is an interesting place to visit during your stay in Market Rasen and should definitely be a stop during your break away with Market Rasen Hotels.

The main reason of course that many people flock to visit a Market Rasen Hotel is of course the race course within the town. The Market Rasen National Hunt Racecourse in aoval, and reaches around 1 1/4 miles in total circumference. Although traditionally the sport of racing is actually a winter one, the course hosts an all year round racing programme, much to the delight of bookies and betters around the country eager to place a bet on the winning nag.

The most famous fixture for the Market Rasen Racecourse is known as a Summer Plate meeting which is typically staged in July. Don't forget to look in on Market Rasen Hotels in winter, as wel as the National Hunt, a left handed track is also laid out within the the local national hunt racecourse.

Now what Market Rasen Hotel would be complete without offering their guests a fantastic breakfast to kick start your day at the racecourse? We prefer the Full English to really get us going in the morning, ideally two of everything. However cereals and fruit are usually on offer, and don't forget to ask if you have any special dietary requirements.

We hope you enjoy you stay with Market Rasen Hotels, and wish you all the best of luck down at the course!